August 2022


Zürich 4.0


May 2022 


The Stage Gallery, Cologne


Starting at a young age with sketching and drawing Silke continued to gain experience with different painting mediums like chalk, charcoal, watercolors, oil and acrylic colors.  

Today her work is characterized by a very personal technique to create abstract images that are inspired of nature and landscapes as well as abstract forms. 

Fascinated by Aerial Photography of the earth’s surface she creates texture with modeling paste, sand, stones, shells any other natural materials covered with acrylic color and finally heated to create a liquid flow effect.  

Her work is also known for minimalism by setting dark shades in contrast to bright white and accentuated gold.

As a photographer Silke focusses on high contrast nature and architecture Black and White Photography. 

She highlights details and emphasizes image effects by aesthetical framing.

Silke lives and works in Offstein and Worms in Southwest Germany.